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Celebrate Life!



Laugh! Love! Live​ !

The demands of life can get more than we can handle.  There may be many days where to live towards your potential has its challenges.  Why not take the time to rediscover your purpose and learn once again to laugh, to love life and to live?!  Celebrate Life! Workshops are designed to provide a relax and encouraging atmosphere to help you find that spark to help you keep going and motivate you to live towards your potential.  

Celebrate Life! Workshops

Gather friends or family in your home or choice of venue to celebrate your special event and include one of my workshops in your celebration.  I will present these workshops, customized for your special event, to sprinkle fun and motivation.  These workshops can also be customized for your place of business to motivate and encourage employees.  

Here are some workshops ideas:  


Write Away!

Explore the benefits of journaling.  Bring your favorite pen, pencil, coloring pencils, markers, etc. and learn how to create your own personal journal.  

Cost: $15.00 pp


Gratitude Attitude

Enjoy taking time to create your own "Thank You" card.  Learn the importance of gratitude on your well-being.

Cost: $15.00 pp


Clay Play

Modeling clay is not only for kids.  Spend time discovering your creativity in this workshop and learn life lessons as you create your own special creation.   

Cost: $15.00 pp


Celebrate You! Vision Board Workshop

What are your strengths?  What are your goals?  What is your purpose?  What is your passions?  What brings you joy?  Discover your potential and celebrate you!  

Cost: $15.00 pp

Relax!  Renovate!  Revitalize!  

Refresh your soul as you participate in a workshop designed to inspire and motivate you to be the best you can be.  Taking time out for yourself in a supportive and encouraging environment can be a lasting force for change and personal growth.

Other topics for workshops:  Who's Driving? (Stress Management); Finding Purpose; Time Management; Success through Failure; Palm Tree Principles for Success; Precious Pearl; Life's Beauty Salon; Showers of Blessings, and more!

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